Monday, February 3, 2014


this was one of my favorite boards to make awhile back. mike came across t. fitzgerald's drifta 2 in an old surfer's journal and asked if i could make something along those lines to surf a sometimes hollow, racy righthander he frequents. hell yea, i'll give it a shot. terry fitzgerald has always been one of my favorite surfers to watch on film and a very inspiring lifelong surfer/shaper.  visions of the sultan's high style speed drive at j-bay and low pivotal turns on the north shore in 70's forever imprinted. if you've not seen "hot buttered soul", now's the time.
6'6 x 20 3/4

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manamike said...

Beautiful. Hope all is well Bill. Hope to see you at Peaks. All of your boards are beautiful. On your next trip South, consider bring one to sell to me. 6'6" wide and round, something good for days at Inlets, Peaks or the Bay. Aloha, Manamike (White Hi Ace, Hull Surfer)