Friday, January 31, 2014

nz hull flashback

this was one of my first sessions in new zealand just about 1 year ago. did not want to haul a longboard over there so the 7'2 lunchtray hull was the call. this has proved to be one of my favorite boards and more versatile than one might think....makes fun of less than perfect surf.
oh man, wish i was back in nz about now! such a beautiful spot and great start to the trip.

Monday, January 13, 2014

cruisin' in the shadows

i made a 6'4 version of this for a friend early last summer. from time to time when building something new for someone else, i just know i have to have one myself.  when making the 6'4,  it felt so good in my hands, was super fun and easy to shape, i spent hours imagining how it would surf, and knew i had to have one myself. i stretched mine out a little and here it is. i also did some resin pins inspired by the old 70's g&s skate team those reds and yellows and maybe a little brown. also stoked on the rusty flex fins for singles..positive and plenty of drive.
i've only had a few days on his board, felt like i imagined,  i think i will be around awhile.
6'7  20 3/4

Friday, January 3, 2014

happy birthday to me!

monday morning light offshores and perfect little hull waves. stoked!