Monday, January 13, 2014

cruisin' in the shadows

i made a 6'4 version of this for a friend early last summer. from time to time when building something new for someone else, i just know i have to have one myself.  when making the 6'4,  it felt so good in my hands, was super fun and easy to shape, i spent hours imagining how it would surf, and knew i had to have one myself. i stretched mine out a little and here it is. i also did some resin pins inspired by the old 70's g&s skate team those reds and yellows and maybe a little brown. also stoked on the rusty flex fins for singles..positive and plenty of drive.
i've only had a few days on his board, felt like i imagined,  i think i will be around awhile.
6'7  20 3/4


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. What size fin do you recommend for a single fin of this type and size? 7.0 inch? 8.0 inch? Many thanks!

bill p said...
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bill p said...

i prefer an 8"rusty or greenough 4a.
a 7" might be fine towards the rear of the box, with an 8" you can push it a bit further forward, it's got more base and drive, and you won't spin out when i gets hollow.