Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ryan's 6'7 m.o.t.e.

a 6'7 version of my morning of the earth board. awesome all rounder inspired by the clean lines in that film.
16 5/8 x 21 1/8 x 15 3/8 x 2 7/8


Anonymous said...

Bill, I love these MOTE boards, so buttery! What fin setup are you using on these? and your other 2+1's? Thanks.

bill p said...

i use rainbow fins, "rsb2 3.75" side bites and 7 1/2" tk flex center fin. it's on the stiffer side for a flex fin and i've been surfing them over 10 yrs. the tail on the mote is pretty wide and i like alot of fin, thus the 7 1/2. i also like to set the front of the center fin about equal w/ the back of the sidebites. the rusty flex also works well for me in 2+1's.