Monday, November 16, 2009

scene of the crime!

me and some friends were lucky enough to receive citations for surfing within 500ft of  this pier last night. $25.....i think it was worth it.
today is the 5th day of decent, clean surf. wind has been offshore the whole time....rare on the north carolina coast.


Anonymous said...

What's deal with the regulation? Because the wave looks like a perfect left!

bill p said...

no surfing w/in 500ft of the pier. town ordinance. very small town. there has been some conflict w/ fisherman very close to the pier(100'), but no issues beyond that zone. my friend got a ticket there a month ago. 5 fisherman on the pier, no one on the beach, he was the only surfer and he was about 400' from the pier.

richcorbin said...

just don't paddle in when the po po shows they aren't going to go out there an getchya, next time they show just paddle out of the zone and keep on surfin . i'm sure it was worth it though that looks like fun.